My selected professional work arranged chronologically. 
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An open online community and marketplace I designed and built for professional designer and emerging brands to showcase portfolios and sell products without a hefty commision fee.
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OnlineSOS is fighting online harassment by providing victims professional supports and creating scalable technology to prevent cyberbullying or trolling. As one of the founding members of Online SOS, I am leading the technical product development, design, and research building tools to streamline documentation for online harassment case reports and developing data insights to improve existing online discourse.

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Founded by Stanford professor Christos Kozyrakis and ex-Mesosphere engineer Timothy Chen, I helped design and developement of automation tools with machine learning data to make cloud infrastructure 10x more cost-effective.
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Autodesk Fusion360Professional cloud based 3D CAD/CAM software and community for designers and engineers to create products from scratch. As Autodesk’s SAAS flagship product, I worked closely with the current Autodesk CEO leading the design and product strategies for both web experience and online communities.

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Autodesk Pier 9 I led the design and development of Pier 9 web experience to bring  one of the world’s most advanced fabrication shops to the internet for scientist, engineers, and artists.  Our work won a Red Dot Communication Design Award in 2015. 

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Autodesk Indie Game Maker
An online community and resources platform, Indie Game Maker is Autodesk Maya LT’s latest attempt to help anyone make 3D games cheaper and faster.  I was the product lead on designing, developing, and scaling the community. 

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Google Express - Dispatch Console
The Dispatch Console is an operational tool the fulfillment team uses at Google Express. I worked with data engineers and scientists on how to effectively minimize courier and trucking routes for human logistics operators.