My project playground where I design, build, and experiment with quick ideas or consult teams with high growth potentials. 
Check out my selected professional work.  

I designed and developed the brand and web experience for Nonfiction, a boutique full-service design agency based in San Francisco.

OpenToken is open and intuitive way to support next generation token projects and decentralized ecosystems. I helped the founders design, build and launch OpenToken’s brand and web experience. 

Not Just a Pretty Button
Randomly generate a charity for people to do good. A small project I made for busy people who want to contribute to a good cause.

Reverie - Interactive Installation
Commissioned for the LAST Festival in San Jose, Reverie is an interactive installation that captures the movement of visitors and produces a visual experience of constantly changing color and geometry. 

Architechie - Interactive Infographic
A side-by side comparison of the economic scale and opportunity cost for becoming Architect vs UX designer. 

Back to Minimal
A minimalistic website as a tribute to the legendary designers and architects who advocate minimalist design.