I often ponder about human-machine or human-human interaction and how new interaction paradigms can reshape our world. I write about these thoughts as well as creating my own illustrations.
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Programmable Love
Understanding our fantasies with emotional machines
Published on Hackernoon

Growing up as an only child, I didn’t have siblings to play with at home. I couldn’t retain long term friendships with my school friends because I often moved around the world with my family. Technology filled the void of my loneliness...

Writing with Digital Distractions
I blamed our hyper-connected technologies, but are they really the cause?
Published on Medium

The steam infused with the scent of coffee wafted from the warm ceramic mug next to me. I inhaled deeply, then laid my fingers on the keyboard. Staring at the empty screen, my fingers stroke the keys rhythmically as my thoughts poured out...  

How Being an Entrepreneur Made me a Better Designer
Published on Startup Grind

Today marks the tenth month since I left my comfortable job at a large technology company to enter the scrappy startup world and start my own company, Airgora. We launched our platform last month aiming to build a marketplace that empowers designers and emerging companies...