I am a design technologist and product leader currently based in San Francisco. I work on building online communities and automation tools to improve online discourse, enhance creative production flow, and amplify human creativity.

I am the creator of Airgora, Babio, and a wide range of interesting products and platforms. I am also leading the product development and research for tech non-profit Online SOS fighting online harassment.

My general interests are digital economysocial computing, and behavioral economics

In my free time, I co-founded Architechie and I write about how technologies can solve human problems. Occasionally, I work on side projects close to my heart as well as expanding my learnings.

I devote Fridays to working on open source projects and most of my Tuesday evenings playing FIDE rated Chess.

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 Saturn’s “Inside Out” ring system, artistically photographed by NASA’s now retired unmanned robotic spacecraft Cassini